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Dog toys are an important part of owning a dog. They boost intelligence, your bond and help keep your dog out of trouble. They are also used for training and playtime activities that can help improve your dog’s coordination and social skills. Toys are beneficial all around. Buying them can be complicated though. There are so many choices, and dogs can be just as picky as children.

Choose What Your Dog Likes Some dogs only like squeaky toys (some really do). Others like plush toys. Some dogs will only play with ropes, balls or things that make a lot of noise. Choosing the toys your dog will play with the most is important for your wallet and the dog’s sanity. If your dog isn’t having any fun with his toys, then you wasted your time and money.

Treat Puzzles Treat puzzles are a perfect toy for all dogs. They come in varying sizes and shapes. They are usually made of rubber. They are colorful toys with latches where you can stuff in treats. The goal is for the dog to figure out how to get the treat out. This is only effective if you have a tasty treat inside. Your dog will boost his critical-thinking skills playing with a toy like this.

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Multi-sensory Toys Toys that target different senses are important to have too. A chew toy with squeakers and crinkles stimulates the brain of the dog in a number of ways. This improves his ability to communicate, and it also boosts happiness for the dog. These toys are affordable, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.

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Rope Toys Rope toys are classic. They provide an outlet for aggression and playtime. Dogs like to chew and pull, and a rope toy is a perfect solution. You can train your dog to play with a rope toy and reap the benefits of using one.

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Complex Balls A tennis ball is great, but there are more complicated balls that are great for training too. They have nodules and make sounds when they roll around. Your dog will love learning to play fetch with this type of ball.

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Conclusion Having the right toys for stimulation and mental benefit will greatly improve the relationship you have with your beloved pet. Dog toys can get costly, but they are truly one of the more necessary expenses when owning a dog.

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