What You Need to Know About Worming Your Horse

Horses can contract worms through their feed, bedding, or by coming in contact with other animals that are infested. These worms can cause a variety of health problems ranging from digestive disorders to blood clots, and can even cause a horse to become malnourished. In order to keep your equine healthy, horse wormers should be {Read More…}

What Your Child Will Need When They Learn To Ride a Horse

Kids are always keen to start a new hobby, and as a parent this can often work in your favour. Not only does it mean that your children develop new skills, but it also gives you a bit of peace and quiet in the home whilst they are out and about! However you want to {Read More…}

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Horse Very Happy

Owning a horse is a big commitment and you must keep them happy at all times. Do you think you’re doing a good enough job at the moment? Here are a few areas you should focus on if you want to keep the smile on their face and we’ll look at why they’re so important. {Read More…}

Ways to Improve Your Horse’s Nutritional Intake

Horses in the wild spend most of their time grazing, and because they keep moving they can select a variety of grasses as they travel. Moving slowly in herds, they conserve energy by keeping mostly to a walking pace unless danger threatens. The Horse’s Unnatural Lifestyle Unfortunately for the horse, domestication has removed his freedom {Read More…}

A Handy Guide to Buying Your First Horse Box

The purchase of a horse box represents a major investment, and for those doing so for the first time it can be a confusing experience. You need to think in advance about the type of box you require, the amount of money you plan to spend and the distance you are prepared to travel. The {Read More…}