Alleviate Pet Stress During Your Move

Whether you live alone or have a family having a pet around can be great for the residents of your home. Pets are a great way to teach children responsibility, relieve stress and just provide a little entertainment around the house. Knowing that you have a furry companion to come home to every day is a great feeling. Dogs are great to have around as well to help protect your house and ward off intruders. Cats are great pets if you wish to have something that views you as a humble servant in its kingdom. And, if you choose to adopt a pet you could be saving that animal’s life!

You may think that your pet lives a luxurious life void of any concerns or commitments. And honestly, compared to you, they really do. Their days pretty much revolve around sleeping eating and lying in the sun. It’s not a bad life at all. But, this does not mean that your little furry friends are not prone to experiencing stress. Animal stress is a common problem among pets everywhere. Like humans, animals are also creatures of habit and they can become particularly perturbed when you are moving. It takes them time to acclimate to their new surroundings just like any person who is moving to a new area. If you follow these tips you will be able to help your dog or cat avoid stress during your move.

  • Local Move – If you are just moving locally it may be wise to leave your pet with a friend during the course of the move. This way your pet does not have to experience the move first-hand and then you can incorporate them into their new surroundings when your new home is all set up and ready go. The less change your pet has to experience, the better.
  • A Favorite Toy – We all love our pets. But, dogs and cats are not always the most brilliant, logical companions! They’re confused during a move and could definitely use a familiar item to soothe their minds. Giving them their favorite stuffed animal or other toy during the move can give them a sense of familiarity during the move and help alleviate their stress level.
  • New Tags – Make sure that you get the tags with your new address and phone number before you go through with your move. This is important to ensure that you will be contacted correctly if your pet decides to run away during your move.
  • Territory – Cats and dogs can be territorial creatures. If you give them their own little space in their new home they will feel much more comfortable with their surroundings and will become acclimated to them more quickly.
  • Keep Them Safe – By storing you pet in a kennel during the move they will not be able to run free. This will prevent them from being subject to things like falling boxes and prevent them from getting underfoot of one of the movers and causing damage to them or your belongings.

Your pet is a valued member of your family. It is important to make sure that they stay as happy possible during your move. Just think — you fully understand the scope of your move and you still get stressed out about it. So, imagine what your pet goes through. Follow some of these simple steps and you will make your upcoming relocation much easier on both you and your pet!


  1. Great article. We find that a favourite toy and perhaps more importantly, our dogs bed, helps him to settle into new surroundings.

  2. Alison Wood says:

    Thanks and yes those are definitely 2 top tips, keep them surrounded by things they know and love.

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