Top 5 Healthiest Dog Foods

Dog owners want to select the best possible foods to promote health and longevity for their beloved pets, but there are many things to consider when making those selections. Some foods are better for certain age pets, activity levels or health problems. In general, puppies and older dogs should receive special foods designed just for their unique nutritional needs. The largest group of dogs, post-puppyhood but pre-senior ages, should be fed pet food that meets basic requirements for normal adult dog health and nutrition.

What is a Healthy Dog Food?

There is agreement among professionals that the best foods are organic, do not contain by-products or chemicals and offer sufficient high protein to the dog. Based on this concept, there is an unbiased list of the healthiest dog foods available at Dog Food Scoop.

Which are the Top 5 Healthiest Dog Foods? Based on this unbiased list of the 19 healthiest dog foods, here are the top 5 choices:

1. Natural Balance, Dick Van Patten
2. Holistic Blend
3. Honest Kitchen
4. Party Animal
5. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan

Why Are These 5 Better Than Others?

In looking over the list of 19 top contenders, these 5 healthiest dog foods stand out from the others for several reasons. All have in common that they are grain free and high protein foods, and they do not have by-products or chemicals added. Let’s look at each one:

1. Natural Balance, Dick Van Patten – This dog food appears to be the number one choice. In addition to being a grain free, high protein product, this choice is Organic, OTCO Certified, and a vegetarian food. It is a human grade product that has no genetically modified organisms and is allergy free. The meat is USDA approved. All ingredients are domestically grown.

2. Holistic Blend – 100% Organic, canned vegetarian food.

3. Honest Kitchen – Has some organic non-meat ingredients and is a vegetarian pre-mix.

4. Party Animal – Organic and USDA Certified, vegetarian food.

5. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan – Organic and OCIA Certified food.

Differences in the Top 5 Healthiest Dog Foods

One immediately apparent difference between these top rated foods is that 4 of the 5 are vegetarian foods or a pre-mix for persons that prefer to make up their own homemade dog food. In a natural state, a wild dog would eat a mix of meat and vegetables; whether a purely vegetarian food is better than one like Natural Balance, that contains USDA approved meat, is a matter of opinion, as it is in human food.

How to Choose?

Making the important choice of what to feed your dog usually becomes a lifelong event for the pet. It is important to make any changes in pet food gradually, so the animal can become accustomed to the new food and not experience drastic gastro-intestinal distress or problems from switching foods. Natural changes in food are required when the puppy becomes an adult dog and when the dog matures and moves into their senior years of life. Nutritional requirements for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs are quite different, based upon cellular needs, growth demands and activity levels. Consult with your licensed veterinarian before making a final choice. Bring in factual information about the foods you are considering for your pet so the veterinarian can also make an informed decision about any particular food choice.

About the author: Diane Johnson writes about a number of things including pets, online classes, shopping, and much more.

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